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Mike Mandakas, Owner-PGA Head Professional

I got into the golf business 12 years ago, not to try to get on the PGA Tour and not necessarily to become the next best Head Golf Professional; but to try to prepare myself for the business world. I had the idea that I would get into the golf business to build relationships.

Coming out of college with a Business Management and Marketing Degree, I knew that I would meet some of the most successful people in the business world through the golf industry. Most of these people belonged to private country clubs and my hope was that some of them would get to know me and potentially offer me a job at one of their companies. I was offered many jobs as my golf career moved on, as I worked at three of the top 25 private country clubs in the nation, but was never offered that one job that convinced me to leave the golf business.

In the practice segment of the golf business you need to have a certain level of passion. My passion doesn’t necessarily come from the golf course, but rather from what prepares us as golfers for the ultimate challenge that we refer to as “a round of golf”. Understanding the importance of practice, I have always focused on the aspects of the game that make people better golfers. The main focus of this business concept includes the elements most essential to golfers; instruction, proper club fitting, and fitness. The partnership with established and recognized club-fitting and fitness groups will play the biggest role in putting this learning center on the map as well as creating the best golf academy in Chicago.

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Lesson Rates:

($100)  60 Minutes

($55 )    30 Minutes



Brian Vaisnoras is a native of the Chicago golf area. He began his golf career as a caddy at Ruth Lake Country Club. He was a star player for Hinsdale South Hornets golf team in Darien, IL. He went on to study Professional Golf Management at Ferris State University. Brian worked as an Assistant PGA Professional at Burning Tree Country Club (Greenwich, CT) and PGA Teaching Professional at Huntington Country Club (Huntington, NY) before becoming the Head PGA Professional at Spring Lake Golf Club (Middle Island, NY). After several seasons in the Met Section, Brian decided to return to his roots, Chicago.

Brian still likes to compete in tournaments and brings that tournament experience to his instruction. One of Brian’s strengths is working with juniors and helping them develop a passion for golf.

To schedule a lesson contact Brian directly at   or  cell  630.303.2353

Lesson Rates:

($100)  60 Minutes

($55)     30 Minutes


Dr. Suttie has been teaching golf to all types of golfers for over 42 years. He has worked with pros on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and the Champions Tour. He has worked with beginners as well as your average player. His specialty is juniors as he as coached at four different universities.

Dr. Suttie tries to find the most natural way for each person to swing. To meet that goal he matches up those swing fundamentals and those physical factors that are biomechanically correct for each individual. He also specializes in working with golfers with physical problems. For example if you have a bad hip, knee or back, Dr. Suttie is the man to see in the U.S. Not only does he have a doctorate in this area but he suffers from these problems himself.

Presently, he is ranked the 18th best teacher in the U.S. by Golf Digest. He is also a top 100 Teacher on Golf Magazine’s list. He is ranked the #1 Teacher in Illionis.

He introduced high speed video into instruction in 1971. He has done teaching seminars all over the country and in Europe.

He is the teacher that teaches the teacher.

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